Hopefully Final Week in Boatyard

We have been having nasty weather at the boatyard. As a result, we still do not have Tahina’s bottoms painted. The fiberglass job is almost done (because it was underneath the boat and could be worked on in the rain). There is one more day left before that job is done (it has taken more days than I expected). Over the weekend we had gale force winds and an all-out gale last night, with lots of rain. There are still scattered showers during the week. But, I’m hopeful they will be able to squeeze in the painting for Tahina during the week. If all goes well, we will go back in the water on Friday.

To make matters more stressful, the weather forecasts are showing an ideal-looking weather window for a passage to Fiji starting at the end of the week. All the boats that are ready have been chattering and getting themselves ready for a possible departure. Last year, there were only two good weather windows for Fiji, so we kind of hope we can get everything done and be ready to leave right away. Here’s the weather forecast from Passageweather.com for end of this week (notice the nice southerly winds headed for Fiji which is due north):

Winds for end of this week

Wind forecast for end of the week

Can we be ready by Friday? I’d say it’s not impossible, but we would have to be very lucky. We are barely half-way finished with provisioning. There are still several important small tasks we have left on the boat. I’m also worried other boats will be competing for the resources we need to get our projects done. Regardless of whether we make the weather window, I want Tahina to get back in the water at the end of the week. I intend to let the boatyard know they need to complete this week. Our final preparations will be so much better once we are back in the water.

If we aren’t 100% ready, we’re not going to rush out just to make the weather window. If need be, we’ll wait for the next weather window. Getting Tahina’s work done and in the water is the first priority, if we get ready enough, and are rested enough, and the weather is right, then we can leave.

Oh yeah, and I still have to sell the car. Anyone in New Zealand want camper-minivan? It has a bed in the back (no seats), but its perfect for camping around the country. I’m sure someone could buy it from me and re-sell it to next year’s cruising community for a good mark-up. We really enjoyed the car for our travels, and the extra space has been excellent for our final preparations.

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