Land Ho!

We had a great day of sailing yesterday after all! The sun came out, tropical warmth, good winds. Despite our jib being out of commission, we trucked along with our main and storm jib for a while. Then the winds shifted south and we pulled out the spinnaker and had a great run all afternoon/evening.

We played some games of Yahtzee, had a nice lunch, sat out on the chairs under the shade of the spinnaker, listened to good tunes on the cockpit speakers, and enjoyed the good times. We were surfing on some big swells and made as high as 16.7 knots with the help of the spinnaker.

The SSB radio has been acting up. I suspect the expensive connector to the tuner from the radio. I messed with it a couple times on the trip and things got better, but now nothing seems to help.

We spotted land, one of the Fiji Islands, before sunset. Then, before dark, we took down the spinnaker because of some dark clouds ahead. But, we made good speed all night with just the main going downwind.

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