Looking At Saturday

The weather forecasts are consistent now. We are still looking at a Saturday departure. Today we’ll be trying to get an appointment for the customs clearance, and getting the car sold. We also have our final run for provisions to make. Tomorrow we plan to move down river to be closer to Marsden. We may even stay at the Marina there.

We also will be doing a crew briefing with Matt, who is crewing with us to Fiji. Last year I made a checklist for briefing crew that introduces them to the basic systems, safety measures and procedures, and sailing strategies. More in-depth training will happen under way, but I’ve found it is good to give a pre-trip briefing. We also invited Matt to bring his wife Shonagh down to see Tahina yesterday. This gave us the incentive to finish cleaning up the inside, so now we’re looking spiffy inside and out! We’re definitely looking ready to go.

Meanwhile, the main bills for the work on Tahina at the boatyard have all been paid. We got our payment for the warranty work on Tahina’s wave-breaking stringers (under the bridge-deck) from St. Francis Marine (who built Tahina). The stringers had been under-glassed when manufactured and without internal structure, after 3.5 years, the fiberglass flexed until they cracked. Based on input from Norsand Boatyard, who had recently fixed another St. Francis 50 built the same year as ours, we added four layers of glass to each of the two stringers. The stringers are now vastly stronger.

Lots of little details to take care of – like selling the car – but, I’m happy to get them done since it means we will soon be leaving!

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