Moonlit Night

Yesterday wasn’t the most comfortable sailing. But, not horrible. It started with 4-5m (12-15′) swells and 25 kts of wind. But, we were moving along pretty nicely and double-reefed on the main. The sun came in and out, so we all felt more cheerful. Had some chats, ate our meals, and even took showers when things were calmer. The winds gradually eased and mostly got more comfortable.

During the night last night, the winds eased more down to below 20 knots. We let out one reef on the main and sailed that way most of the night. Early this morning we let out the other reef. Skies are partly cloudy and we enjoyed having a mostly-full moon most of the night to light up our surroundings.

We had a large cargo vessel pass within 4 km last night. Only the second vessel we’ve seen since we got out at sea.

If the weather forecast holds true, it looks like we will arrive during daylight at Savusavu on Saturday. That’s Fiji time – so it would be late Friday night for those of you in the US.

Today we’re hoping to see some sunny skies, be able to do some fishing, and relax in smoother conditions at sea. It should be our best day yet!

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  1. mary elizabeth says:

    Nothing like a good meal, good shower, and better sailing! Love that ya’ll are sailing again-

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