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Just wandered into an Internet cafe here in Savusavu and wanted to make a quick update. It’s a beautiful sunny day for the first time since we arrived here in Fiji. They had some unusually rainy weather for this time of year. But, now it’s looking beautiful here! It’s kind of unfortunate for Matt, who has just left to go catch a flight to Nadi, before flying home to New Zealand tomorrow. We were sorry to see him go, since he was such good company and so helpful during his stay with us!

Yesterday we finished our entry process and paid all our fees with Customs and Health. We also applied for our cruising permits. Matt and I went to get some SIM cards for our phones. I was hoping to get Internet service for my phone, but I couldn’t get a decent service here. I finally selected Vodaphone because they may have 3G service here next month. Unfortunately, when I went to change the SIM card, something happened and ruined the SD card on my smart phone. It now won’t format or anything, so all my apps are lost. Bummer!

Karen is working to repair the jib sail we damaged. It should be done today or tomorrow we hope. Then we’ll be free to leave once we get our cruising permit. But, we’re in no rush to leave. The town is delightful and beautiful. The people are friendly. Best of all, the prices for food and drinks are about half what we are used to in the states or in New Zealand! Karen is enjoying the fact we haven’t cooked a meal since we arrived. 🙂

Meanwhile more boats are arriving from New Zealand. We have been having a great time hanging out with friends from other boats. Last night we had a dinner with about 15 to 20 of us. I imagine the proprietor wasn’t used to how loud we were, or how much drinking was going on!

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  1. Glad to hear you confirming what I have thought for years. Savusavu has the right combination of the old South Pacific and the modern facilities like good restaurants and reasonable communications.
    I built an outrigger canoe there a few years ago and it might still be sitting outside the pearl factory.

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