Tahina Cruising in Fiji

We arrived in Savusavu on the less populated island of Vanua Levu on the 21st of May. Yesterday, we finally left the town to start some cruising. Savusavu is a beautiful little town with very friendly people. At favorable Fiji dollar exchange rates, pretty much all the cruisers were going out for meals and drinks every day. More boats were arriving each day, so it was a constant flow of welcoming drinks.

So, we decided it was time to get out and do some cruising. It took a few hours to get everything ready. We needed to get some fresh veggies and other provisions, check out of the marina, and get clearance from customs. For some reason, the Fiji customs people want to keep close tabs on your itenerary, so you have to get a clearance whenever you enter or leave a port area. It mostly means the customs people have to make entries in their computer – and there’s no fee. But, it’s a bit of a hassle.

We plan to come back to Savusavu next week to take an advanced open-water diving course. We’ve needed to extend our rating with all the diving we have been doing. So, we are going to just sail to some anchorages on the southeast part of Vanua Levu for a week and then return.

We left mid-afternoon and sailed just a short distance to the Cousteau Fiji Resort on the end of the peninsula west of Savusavu. We dropped the anchor and just enjoyed being out on our own. We didn’t even go to shore to visit the hotel – and instead cooked up a dinner on board after watching the sunset. But, we did take advantage of the free WIFI connection available here! 🙂

We should be able to make a few posts along the way, but don’t expect photos to get uploaded until we get back to Savusavu next week.

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  1. mary elizabeth says:

    So glad that you guys are having fun. I am anxious to hear about your advanced water diving experiences. It truly opens up a new world doesn’t it? I just got my open water and look forward to diving around the world one island at a time. Be safe and mostly have a blast-

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