Anchoring and No Internet

We moved out three days ago to Matagi Bay. A beautiful little bay nestled in the remains of small volcanic crater. There’s a nice little white sand beach, but the beach is reserved during the day by the Matagi resort. They drop off couples from the resort a couple of times each days for 3 hours on their own secluded beach. There’s a small hut with a hanging bed inside. The locals call it Honeymoon beach.

I had hoped to climb up to the rim of the crater which is about 300 to 400 feet above the bay. I wanted to take a 360 panorama of this cool location. So, I pulled out the kayak and the camaera gear and paddled over to one side. Then I proceeded to work my way through the tropical vegetation and up a steep cliff wall. Eventually it got too steep to climb without ropes, so I tried working my way to another side. Somewhere, something crawled onto me and either bit or stung me on one hand. Later, I got two more stings – one on each leg. The sting was very aggravating, so I had to give up on the climb and return to the boat.

Fortunately, the stings never had any noticeable side-effects. No marks even. But, it felt like I kept getting new stings all night long. We tried lots of anti-sting salves, but nothing helped much. Finally, by mid-morning the next day, the stings started going away. Weird!

We moved to Namata Bay where m/v Oso Blanco and s/v Kamaya had arrived. There we did some snorkeling on a wreck and reef, and then invited everyone over for some socializing and gaming. The kids played the Wii while we all played some Bananas.

No Internet really at these anchorages, so I’m sending this post up by SSB radio.

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