Fawn Harbour

We are anchored at Fawn Harbour which is on the southern part of Vanua Levu in Fiji. So far we have just explored the waters in the area. Some nice coral reefs at the pass, and some beautiful little islands inside the reef. But, today we are going ashore to meet the people of the Pickering Settlement, and then going for a walk to soak in a hot spring. We plan to go with our friends on s/v Dignity who are also here.

Later today, or tomorrow, we plan to move to Viani Bay. We heard they have fantastic diving there on some reefs called Rainbow Reef. That will be a good warm up before we head back next week for a diving course we are taking back in Savusavu.

There’s no Internet here in Fawn Harbour, so I’m sending this post via E-mail through our SSB radio. Maybe we’ll have more Internet at Viani Bay.

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