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The map above shows our historical routes and plans around Fiji. The green lines show the routes Tahina has already traveled around the south and eastern parts of Vanua Levu. The orange route show a rough approximation of our planned routes over the next couple of months. As you can see, we plan to stop at the island of Namenalala (home to Moody’s Namenalala Resort, and some great scuba diving). Then we will head northwest, first stopping at Yadua island (we may not be able to stop here because we heard they are trying to protect the lizard/iguana sanctuary there). Then we’ll head southwest to make our way around some reefs to the northern part of the main island of Fiji, Viti Levu, to a place called Volivoli Point. There we will wait for the right weather. Then we head west to the northern Yasawa Island group and make our way south eventually to the popular Musket Cove Resort – which caters to visiting yachties.

We need a few parts for the boat, so we are buying stuff and having it sent along with other mail to Nadi sometime next month. Having stuff sent is always a big deal for us cruisers. There’s a lot of work involved in going through customs procedures and a lot of cost in both shipping and customs fees. Therefore, we only do this a couple of times a year usually. It will be like Christmas when we finally get everything here!

Due to weather factors, we won’t be leaving Savusavu until at least Friday afternoon.

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  1. Glenn Howland says:

    I have been following your blog for a few months.
    About two months ago, I went looking on Google images for a boats-at-anchor image for my work computer desk top. The winning image was one you took from up the mast of Tahina in Prickly Bay, Granada called, surprisingly, “boats at anchor.” I assumed, after I checked into the source of the photo, that the catamaran in the foreground was Tahina, but it became apparent, when I got to the part of your blog where you took the photo, that it is another cat.
    I chose now to email you because I have reached real-time in your blog.
    Your photos are great, your writing interesting and lucid, and I wish you the best on your upcoming adventures.
    You do not need to include this email in your blog, but the choice is yours.

  2. Glenn Howland says:

    I did read it (and just reread it). I have read all of your blog.

    Is there an address at which I can email you that is not part of the blog replies?


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