Finished our Dive Course

Before our night diveYesterday was our final day on the dive course. We passed! We also had a good time with three dives on our final day – including a night dive. Night dives are really awesome! We saw a lot more interesting things at night than during our other dives. The soft coral is much more active at night, and the fish are more docile so they are easier to find and watch.

During our night dive, we first found a sea turtle under a nearby reef. He didn’t move far as we did some of our required night dive exercises (like turning out all the lights to see if you could still see – thanks to some moonlight, we could see quite well actually!).

We also found a lion fish, a really wild looking orange star-fish, and saw two reef sharks (they made Karen nervous she said – which is weird since she’s seen them lots of time in daylight). We found a couple of clown fish in a too-small anemone that tried to hide themselves, but couldn’t get deep enough. They were so cute!

The soft coral was especially intriguing to me, I was amazed how much more alive they looked. Unfortunately, they seemed to detect the light or my motion when I tried to get close enough to take flash photos. So, I wasn’t able to get many photos. I realized later I should have taken some video of them.

You can see a few of the photos I managed to take during our dives in the album below. Also a few shots of Lino – our dive master.

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We had this wonderful sunset behind a volcanic mountain as we headed out for our night dive – see the photos in the album above. And, the ride back on the boat was particularly enjoyable (at least to me, Karen was a bit cold!). We were running along in the boat at about 25 knots on smooth water under a starry sky with a partial moon out. You could see the lights of the houses on the nearby island and smell the tropical night air as we coasted along almost dreamily through the water. It was one of those moments I’ll never forget – cruising along a Fiji island on a boat at night after a dive. Wow!

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