First 360 Panorama in Fiji

The other day, before we left Viani Bay, I took a 360 panorama from Tahina’s deck. What’s really cool is that I just realized I’m the first 360Cities photographer to publish a 360 for all of Fiji! I’ll have to do a bunch more of these while we’re here.

The photo below gives you a sailor-eye impression of the Viani Bay anchorage on the north side. There’s a school off the beach just to the NNE. The Rainbow Reef is far to the south ( starting near the end of the hills off the southwest. It also gives you a great feeling of what its like to stand on Tahina. Turn around and look up at Tahina’s mast and rigging. You can see several of our cruising friends including: Stray Kitty, Jackster, Dreamtime, True Companions, Jerana (just arriving), and Gerarmar (far to the west).

Viani Bay Anchorage from Tahina’s DeckRecent 360s

Hit the right arrow to start the 360 up. You should definitely click the “FULLSCREEN” button to get the full experience. You can then use the mouse or arrow keys on your keyboard to move around the view.

When taking 360 photos that day, I had wanted to go up into the hills nearby. But, it was a Sunday and I waited for our contact in the settlement to return from church and he never showed up. I needed to get permission to travel on his land before wandering around. A shot from the hills would have been really cool, so I’ll have to go back and try again.

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