Move to Viani Bay

Viani Bay is near the southeast side of Vanua Levu in Fiji. We made the nearly 20 nm trip from Fawn Harbour on Thursday afternoon. The winds were light from the east, so it was a simple matter of motoring our way there.

As we were departing, the catamaran s/v True Companions arrived through the pass at Fawn Harbour. Then as we left the pass we chatted with s/v Boree was also arriving. Then we saw s/v Stray Kitty on our AIS about 7 miles ahead of us heading east. We hailed them on the radio and found out they were headed to Viani Bay as well. A few moments later, s/v Gerarmar hailed us and said they were out on the Rainbow reef about to make a dive. Later, we found out s/v Jackster was also arriving at Viani Bay.

Had some weird behavior with our chartplotter in this area. It wouldn’t let us zoom in to these last two harbours. It appears to be related to the fact we are so close to 180 degrees longitude. I found out s/v Boree using a different chart system had a very similar problem. Fortunately, I have the same charts on my Android phone and it zooms in just fine. And, of course, I use Google Earth as well – and, these bays have good imagery.

We had no problem arriving at Viani Bay. We were soon anchored between Stray Kitty and Jackster. Found out my Vodaphone USB stick works for the Internet – at very slow speeds. But, I was able to download E-mail. Then I went over and visited with the other two boats. A few minutes later, Gerarmar came over with Jack – the local dive guide. We soon had plans to do dives on Friday.

Spent a little while setting up a new underwater camera I acquired during Christmas back in the US. Looking forward to see how well it works. It’s not an SLR camera, but it’s one step below that.

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