Namata Bay and Birthday Party

It was great to see Kamaya one more time. They were soon going to leave for western Fiji at a faster pace, and we are unlikely to see them again on this trip as they are ending their journey in Australia. In the early morning on Saturday, Tim (from Kamaya) and I took out some kayaks and had a nice time exploring a bit of the island. During the day, Stray Kitty, Dreamtime, and Jackster showed up. Bear, the young boy on Oso Blanco, had a birthday. His party started around 10 AM and they had invited several of the Mitchell kids (locals from the Bay) from shore to join in on the day’s festivities. Most of the festivities were swimming around Oso. They have lots of water toys, and the big boat is a lot of fun for kids. We hung out with the adults and watched the kids play – the local kids were as excited as could be to get to play out on the big yachts.

We signed a log book the Mitchell famly have for visiting yachts. The last few years they have only had a few boats in the course of the entire year. The last time there were more than a few boats was 2006. Here they had 6 boats all on the same day! They were really excited to have so many boats. We also heard that in Taveuni that the entire community was talking about how 10 boats were up at Naselesele in one day (when we celebrated Dignity’s anniversary).

We had a big pot luck dinner and birthday party in the evening on Oso. I brought over one of the more popular Wii games that Bear liked on Tahina. They spent most of the evening playing it. The next day, Oso and Kamaya would be leaving early for western Fiji. So, we said our goodbyes to them.

On Sunday, we left to go north to Budd Reef. It will also be a few weeks before we see Stray Kitty and Jackster so we visited with them a bit before leaving. Budd Reef and the Ringgold islands is a truly special place based on our arrival here yesterday. More about that in our next post. We still have no real Internet, so you’ll have to wait a while for photos. Look on the map to learn where these places are located.

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