One Small Step

We spent the day yesterday finishing errands in Savusavu to stock up our provisions, fill the dinghy gas tank, pay for our mooring, and to check out with customs. Fiji customs is a bit more involved than any other country we have visited. You have to check in and out of any of the designated ports while you are here, and tell them what areas you are headed to next, even after you have already cleared into the country. There aren’t any extra fees charged, they “only” want to know where your traveling. But, it’s a bit of a hassle.

As we were dropping our mooring we heard two of our friends on the radio: Boree and True Companions were just arriving. We told them on the radio that we were just moving out to the Cousteau Resort before heading west to the Yasawas. They said they would see us there.

Cousteau is only 5 miles west of Savusavu. But, it’s a good staging point before heading out to other places. We wanted to stay the night before leaving for the 30 mile trip to Namenalala. One of the nicest features of this anchorage is that you can pick up the WIFI for the resort and there’s no charge! A free WIFI connection is pretty rare in the South Pacific. We spent a few hours last night enjoying the new connections. We even managed to get invited to the new Google+ project, and played with that a bit.

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, the island Yadua does have restrictions, so we changed our planned route to include a stop on the northern part of the main island of Fiji – Viti Levu. We will wait there for weather before continuing on to the Yasawa Group of islands.

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