360 Panorama from Waya

Village of Yalobi

Village of Yalobi

In our blog last week we shared some stories and photos of our visit to the island of Waya in western Fiji. We anchored off the village of Yalobi (pronounced “Yalombi”) on the southwest side of the island. As mentioned in the blog, we spent a few hours climbing the mountains to try and find a good spot to take a 360 photo. I eventually, after trying to bushwack through heavy shrubs in another location, took a 360 standing on a rock in the middle of some tall grass.

Because of the geography, you can’t see the village in this photo. Our boats parked in the anchorage in front of the village are visible, as beautiful views of the surrounding seas and islands. You can also see the ridge of higher hills to the north where we attempted to reach. Part of the Stray Kitty crew actually got up the mountains later with some local help further north. Too bad they didn’t have my camera equipment! Here is the resulting photo I took (note: because i was standing on the rock, I couldn’t “remove” myself from the downward looking view):

Eastern ridge above Yalobi on Waya in Melanesia

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