Big Change on Tahina’s Route

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The green lines represent our actual track for where Tahina has gone so far. The orange line is our possible future route (subject to change).

Those of you who have been following our expedition closely know that we have been reserving our decision about our future route from the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean since before we departed the US. We have long known about the issues in the Red Sea. Earlier this year, the pirates not only captured two more sailing yachts, but also killed four sailors on the sailing vessel s/v Quest. The fates of the seven crew (including 3 children) on the other yacht s/v ING are still in the hands of the pirates, as they are still held hostage. We actually know the crew of ING from our travels in French Polynesia, and our prayers are with them.

These developments have altered the plans for nearly every sailboat we have been traveling with in the South Pacific. Most of us planned to complete circumnavigations through the Red Sea if possible. We all knew about the situation, but we had some hope the issue would dissolve. Given the lack of strong response from the governments to resolve the issue, we are now changing our plans.

We have long entertained the much longer route of crossing the Indian Ocean, going around the Cape of Good Hope, crossing the Atlantic Ocean twice, and then sailing across the Mediterranean so we could visit the many countries of that sea. But, we have now decided it is unlikely we will visit the Mediterranean on this five year trip. We know that there are many great places to visit in the Med. So, someday we will visit there – perhaps by chartering some boats. But, at this point, we don’t plan to take Tahina there. It’s a shame that we are now greatly reducing our visits to countries in the northern hemisphere.

This big change in our route opens new opportunities. We now plan to cross the South Atlantic ocean and visit many parts of South America. We will make landfall in Brazil, and we will visit other South American countries by land for a few months before taking Tahina north around the corner back to the Caribbean – where we will complete our circumnavigation. After that, we will ultimately return to the US. Over the years, we have made friends that live in South America, and we hope to visit as many of you as we can manage.

Our circumnavigation map has been changed to reflect the current change in plans. We have updated updated the original route plan post as well. As usual, our plans are subject to change! Who knows, maybe the problem in the Red Sea will go away? Based on the history of the area, our hopes have dwindled.

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3 Responses to Big Change on Tahina’s Route

  1. Tom & Genie says:

    Genie and I have been following your trip closely since you started, with our goal of making the same trip you are, in 3-4 years. Genie has been adament about not wanting to go up pirate alley to the Med and I have always been the one saying “hopefully it will be under control by then.” There is a the alure of sailing around the world I totally understand as I feel it too, but I certainly feel it’s not worth the risk that exists today. We will continue to follow your adventures closely and hope that situations will change, allowing you to complete what you started out to do. But, regardless, you are on the trip of a lifetime we hope to emulate in the not-to-distant future.

    Tom & Gen
    Houston, Tx

  2. nanag says:

    Thank you most sincerely! I have been worried about this problem since day one. Even though Carl and I had thought about visiting you in Greece, I would rather you go there at another date, like you said. Much love to both of you.

  3. SC says:

    I hope you may one day take Tahina across the Atlantic to the Med. would you consider that?

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