Blue Lagoon and Dive with Photos

From the Blue Lagoon anchorage

From the Blue Lagoon anchorage

After our visit to Sawa-i-Lau, we moved to the Blue Lagoon. This was a short 10 mile which took us past Turtle Island – which is home to a resort. There are actually several resorts in the area, including a backpacker style resort near the Blue Lagoon anchorage. Thanks to all the resorts, Vodafone (local cell phone company) has 3G Internet service available. We spent a couple of days just catching up on the Internet here.

Our friends on Jackster were not content with the Internet, so they explored and found a spot we could go diving. We had an excellent dive off the southern most reef of Turtle Island. During the dive, I spotted the biggest lobster I’ve ever seen! The antenna were over 7 feet wide (more than a meter each). He was under a rock, and his body was easily bigger than a basketball. Dave made an attempt to grab an antenna, but he just shoved himself under the rock in a flash and was gone in a cloud of dust. As usual, the coral in Fiji was colorful and super healthy. We saw a lot of interesting fish. I also found a perfectly good snorkel someone had dropped buried under a bit of sand.

Here are some photos of the Blue Lagoon area and from our dive:

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