False Alarm and WWII Wreck

As we were preparing to go on our morning hike to the WWII wreck, Karen asked for my help to look for her wallet. She had been trying to find it for a couple of days. We got a bit alarmed when we found some US dollars lying in a storage area. We couldn’t remember putting it there. Maybe someone came on board and stole the wallet and ditched the US dollars? Fortunately, a bit more frantic searching and we found the wallet hidden away. She had just been using a small purse since we arrived in Fiji. It would have been a major deal losing the wallet with several credit cards/debit cards that would have had to be changed. Glad it was a false alarm!

We were almost late for the hike. We rushed our stuff together and jumped in the dinhy and followed the crews of Stray Kitty and Jackster ashore. We had a much better hike, but it still involved going through some of the tall grass and overgrown vegetation in the woods.

We got to the other side and walked out on the reef (it was low tide). We were actually close to the wreck, but didn’t see it at first and ended up searching a large area. We had almost given up when we found the wreck parts in two locations. The propeller had one blade sticking up, and part of the cowling exposed. And then the rest of the plane was about 100 meters away (probably moved by some storm).

Later in the day, some of us went on a dive on some very lively – but, young – reefs. We saw some sea turtles, lots of the usual variety of fish, and I found a huge porcupine fish deep in a whole (thanks to an underwater light I brought). Again, no Internet out here, so you’ll have to wait for pics.

[UPDATE JULY 20: here are the photos from our visit to Narewa Bay including from the visit to the village, the visit to the plane wreck, Wii gaming, and the dive off the reef.]

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  1. Patti says:

    Glad Karen found her wallet – I know the feeling!
    No wreck pictures? I’ll keep looking….

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