Hanging Out at Musket Cove

BBQ dinner at Musket Cove

BBQ dinner at Musket Cove

After our nice visit to Navadra and Monuriki, we continued down to the island of Malolo where the popular cruiser hang-out of Musket Cove is located. Musket Cove is a resort that has a fantastic anchorage located sheltered by islands and reefs. The resort has smartly catered to visiting yachts. If you are a yacht visiting from a foreign port, you can become a lifetime member of the Musket Cove Yacht Club for a very modest fee – $1 for the skipper, and $5 for each crew member. The membership grants you permission to use the resort facilities including the pool, and the popular bar and BBQ area near the marina.

The bar and BBQ is a brilliant concept. They have several wood-fired BBQ grills and they stock the wood, provide plates and utensils, and your only requirement is to buy your drink refreshments. You can either buy BBQ food from the nearby store, or you can bring your own foods. Every night cruisers from the anchorage come ashore to cook up some food. Not only do you get to hang out with other sailors, but you also don’t have to do dishes afterwards. It’s heaven!

The first day after we arrived, I spent the entire morning (starting at 4AM) organizing a package to be sent from the US. For the previous few weeks we had been shopping and ordering a number of things we needed. Parts for the boat to repair stuff, a new dive watch for Karen, special batteries, hard to find foods, prescription medicines, electronic nautical charts, and more. We had them all sent to our mailing service in Florida. I then called them to explain the procedures we needed to follow to get them sent to us here in Fiji. Fortunately, our friend John on s/v Sea Mist gave us detailed instructions on how to do it.

For the past several days, I went golfing at a nearby 9-hole golf course. We also went on an amazing dive of a pinnacle reef not far away (pictures and a story about that will be forthcoming). Karen and I have been enjoying socializing with lots of our boating friends all week as well.

Tomorrow we will be going ashore to the main island of Viti Levu to do some provisioning, go to a dentist (Frank has a cavity, Karen needs a cleaning), get a haircut, and many other errands. We will also wait there for our package. Once that arrives, we will need to do some small repairs and start preparing for our trip to Vanuatu. More to come on all of that!

Here are some photos of our goings on here in Musket Cove:

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