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VIew of our anchorage from lookout hill

VIew of our anchorage from lookout hill

After visiting Namenalala we traveled to the northern part of Viti Levu as a half-way point to the Yasawas. We had just planned to stop for a night and leave the next day. I mentioned earlier how we arrived to find our friends on Jackster and Stray Kitty there and had a wonderful fish BBQ that night. What I didn’t mention is that we entered through a passage called Nanananu Passage. For those of you who are old enough to remember, there was a TV sitcom called “Mork and Mindy“. Anyone watching that would have to laugh at a passage called “Nanunanu”! But, despite the funny name, this was a really pretty location. The photo here gives you a great view of the anchorage from the top of the nearby hill. Spectacular!

The next morning, after the fish BBQ, I got my dive gear together and took Coconut (our dinghy) over to pick up Dave and Jacquie at Jackster, and their guest Andrew. We were going to go on a dive after a local dive boat showed up. The diveboat was a little late, and after he arrived he told us they had to do some training of their divers first. He suggested we follow another boat that had already gone out to the pass.

We rode the 2 miles or so out to the pass, but the boat we found was just a fishing boat. They told us the dive boat had gone further down the reef and was just barely visible. We were a little worried just taking the dinghy that far, but we were ready to go diving. So, we braved the choppy waves and reefs and went for it. A few minutes later we found them.

We had some trouble initially with anchoring the dinghy. The anchor dragged into deeper water and got caught. Dave had to dive and retrieve it. Once we were anchored, Jaquie and I got geared up and entered the amazing vista of reefs. We immediately spotted some white-tipped sharks. Jaquie later spotted a big lemmon or bull shark, but he moved away quickly. The highlight of this dive was the awesome reef terrain. We slowly moved along the sides of pinnacles of coral. Soon Dave guided us down canyons, through holes, and over beautiful patches of coral and fish. There was a plethora of fish, colorful coral, and new things to see around every corner. The dive was not deep, so our tanks lasted a long time. We spotted thre huge napoleon fish (about 1.7 m in size). I also saw the cutest little fish that Jaquie said was a juvenile sweet lips. I wish we could have stayed longer. We had a pretty bumpy ride going back, so I was glad Karen didn’t come because of her back problems. But, we made it back safely.

That afternoon, Karen and I went ashore at the resort beach and walked up the hill to a lookout tower. The view was spectacular (as seen in the photo above). We took more photos, including a 360 panorama, which gave a great view of the anchorage, the intercoastal waters, and the pass and sea. We also took a self portrait with Tahina at anchor in the background.

Later, the Stray Kitty family invited us to the beach to play some games. We were coming to the final part of our game when two friendly horses wandered down the beach to greet us. A mommy and her colt, who was nearly full-grown. They eagerly ate some carrots the kids brought to feed them. They also tried to eat the balls we were playing with on the beach. But, we managed to discourage them from that, and finished our game.

Here are some photos from our stay at Nanunanu. It also includes a bunch of photos from the dive. Fiji just keeps getting more beautiful!

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We had a wonderful time at our Nanunanu stop. But, the next morning we had a good weather forecast for our trip to the Yasawas, so we left at the crack of dawn.

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