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Playing Wii games on Tahina

Playing Wii games on Tahina

When we visited Narewa Bay last week, we mentioned in previous posts some of the highlights. For example, when we visited the WWII wreck of a Hellfire military plane – some parts still sitting in shallow water on the bay across the island from Narewa’s beach. But, a lot more went on while we were visiting Narewa.

For example, after our failed attempt to bushwack through the tall grass to the WWII wreck, the crews of Stray Kitty and Jackster came over to Tahina for dinner. After dinner, we fired up “Just Dance 2” on the Wii. Soon, everyone was enjoying participating in this game which is a lot of fun to play and watch as a spectator. The photo above is an example, but there are more fun photos from the gaming below.

After our morning hike to the wreck, Jackster invited us to go diving at the nearby reef on the west side of Narewa. Karen was too tired from the hike, so we loaned her gear to Andrew – a guest on Jackster. Dave, Jacquie, Andrew and I went over in Coconut (our dinghy) and we anchored off the reef. We had a fantastic late afternoon dive that ended at sunset. We had brought our underwater lights and saw fantastically healthy coral, lots of fish, a sea turtle, and ended up by my finding a rare porcupine fish in a deep hole (thanks to the use of the light). The porcupine fish is a big fat fish – this one was .5 m wide roughly and about a meter long. He had big purple eyes, a green body, and little spines on him. See the photos below.

One other highlight not previously mentioned was that when we were searching for the WWII wreck, we spotted several Giant Guitarfish. These “fish” look like sharks with a sting-ray like head. Rays and sharks are actually related, and these shark-like fish are the closest blend between them. See the photos below.

The photos in this album include pictures from our hikes, the visit to Somosomo village, pictures of the WWII wreck, the Guitarfish, the gaming on Tahina, and the dive we did at Narewa. Another great time in Fiji!

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2 Responses to Narewa Bay Photos

  1. Patti says:

    Ah, now I see the wreck!
    Wonderful, stunning colors – did you get a new camera? The underwaters were unbelievably beautiful. I am going to download the turtle and ‘Nemo’ shot to add to my Tahiti screensavers. It’s so heartening to see the live coral, so pretty. Thanks, Frank!
    PS, looks like the Wii party was a hit, too!

    • Frank Taylor says:

      Yes, I did get a new underwater camera. Canon G12 with housing. It’s working out pretty well. Glad you like the photos – we have been getting to do a fair amount of diving and snorkeling and the coral is great here! We’re going to have another Wii dance party soon – everyone (other boats) have been talking about it.

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