Narewa Bay

Yesterday we moved 12 miles south to Narewa Bay off the Fiji island of Naviti. We had a beautiful sail making 9-10 knots and easily passed around the reefs thanks to help from Google Earth. We anchored near Stray Kitty and Jackster.

Later we went ashore and did Sevusevu in the village of Somosomo. Again, the village was quick to put out wares of shells, carvings, and fruit to sell. They also offered to do a lovolovo dinner for us, but wanted to charge too high a price. So, we declined.

We all next went ashore near our anchorage and tried to find a path to the other side of the island. The plan was to visit the wreck of a WWII airplane in the water there. We ended up bushwacking through 6 foot high grass on a hill, and gave up. It was an adventure! Later Chris and Dave found a path through the jungle which we will follow today.

No Internet here, so no pictures for now. More details coming.

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