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VIew of our anchorage from lookout hill

VIew of our anchorage from lookout hill

While we were visiting the area of the Nanunanu passage, we climbed a lookout point above the old closed-down resort of Nanamu-i-Ra. In the post about our visit there (with photos), I posted a wide panorama (seen here) of the view from the lookout. But, we also took a 360 panorama there. You can see the 360 below (after hitting the PLAY button, click on the FULLSCREEN button for a better experience – use the mouse or arrow keys to move your view in any direction).

Nananu-I-Ra Lookout in Melanesia

NOTE: if you look straight down in the photo above, you can see the picnic table I was standing on. Due to the position, I wasn’t able to eliminate all of the tripod when combining the photos, so you see part of the tripod there.

The last post on our blog updating our current position was when we were swimming with the manta rays. I’ve just added a short video clip of the swim in that post. Since that time, we moved down to the southern part of Waya. We had an interesting fish encounter on the way down which I will write about later. We spent a couple of days there in the company of several boats, and visited with the village. Then we moved to a beautiful little island called Navadra (pronounced “Navandra”) for a night. Then we moved down to Musket Cove where we’ve been since Sunday. Here in Musket Cove we have fast 3G Internet service, so I’ve been catching up on uploading photos. We also spent yesterday organizing a package to be delivered from the US. Lots more to write about in the coming days!

Here is an update to the map of our Fiji routes up to our current position in Musket Cove:

View Fiji Routes in a larger map

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