Pinnacle Reef Dives in Fiji



A few days ago, we dove on some pinnacle reefs near the island of Malolo. It was just a few minutes away by dinghy from the popular Musket Cove anchorage where we were staying. The location can be seen in the map below, near the end of the reef in the blue water there. Pinnacle reefs are reefs that climb tall from the sea floor over time, providing tall vertical walls of coral, and are a great place to find lots of tropical fish and other marine life. There are three pinnacles in the area we dove. We dove on two of them. The first has a small white buoy attached to the top of the reef so you can tie up your boat (small boats only).

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The surrounding ground-level is 60-80′ (20-25m) deep. The two pinnacles climb to 18-25′ (5-8m). One of them is almost a perfect cylindrical shape – about 50′ (18m) in diameter. At the bottom, it has a nice tunnel right through the middle along the sea floor. You can swim right through the tunnel comfortably, and several of us did it (including Karen and I). There are also some bommies not too far from the pinnacles you can explore as well as long as your air/bottom time allows. But, the real attraction here are the fish and reefs!

On the first dive, we spotted some very small pipe fish, a large puffer fish just sitting on the sea floor (and allowed us to get quite close), we saw a huge variety of many other fish around the pinnacle including a large lion fish, juvenile sweetlips, full-grown sweetlips, a rare sighting of a long-nosed hawkfish in some black coral,
and then a fantastic treat at the top of the pinnacle. The top of the pinnacle was covered in many coral and had some huge canvases of anemone with many, many clown fish. I found myself wishing we had spent less time at depths so we could have spent more time there. We did get some good pictures and a video clip (which I hope to share later).

On the second dive, we saw some oriental sweetlips, a lobster, a huge school of jacks swam by, more beautiful reefs with lots of other tropical fish, and I spent some time taking pictures of some clown fish.

Check out the underwater photos from these two dives. The pictures taken down deep are more blue/less color. That’s due to being so deep that light doesn’t reach there as well. Currently we use a Canon G-12 camera with an underwater housing for our underwater photos. We use Picasa to post-process the photos and add geo-tags.

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We are currently at the Port Denarau Marina getting fresh provisions, shopping, and running errands in preparation for our trip to Vanuatu.

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