Waya Dolphin

Playful dolphins off Tahina's bows

Playful dolphins off Tahina's bows

After visiting Manta Ray Pass, we headed down to the next big island called Waya. Waya has these amazing big rocks all over it – an obvious legacy of its volcanic origins. We had no wind really and were unable to keep the sails filled even while motoring. Once we rounded the southern end, we motored a pass between another island to the south. There are several resorts in the pass. Just as we finished going through the pass, I saw a big fish leap in the air. Then another. It was three big dolphin who were soon swimming and covorting off our bows. They spent about 15 minutes swimming and playing with us as we motored around the SW corner of Waya.

We took a bunch of pictures, and were thrilled with their visit. One of them was very cognizant of us and kept looking at us and doing tricks. He even did a cool front flip which I captured on video (I’ll be uploading a video later). After we got in the bay, both s/v Stray Kitty and s/v Jackster were visited by the dolphin. Jackster even jumped in the water and the dolphin swam around them a bit. They followed them all the way into the bay where we were waiting. Amazing!

Here are a few of the best photos we took. I’m also gathering photos from the other two boats and will add them to this collection later.

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And, here is a short video clip showing how fun it was watching these dolphin. Near the end, one of them does a slick front somersault! (NOTE: pick a higher HD resolution if you can, it’s an HD clip)

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  1. Glenn Howland says:

    Great photos. I don’t think I could have stayed in the boat. It looks too inviting to be in the water with the dolphins.

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