Almost to Vanuatu

Rough passage to Vanuatu

Rough passage to Vanuatu

We have had an intense ride from Fiji towards Vanuatu. Our destination was on a heading of 250 degrees (West-South-West), but the winds and waves were refusing to bend from their southerly fast-paced march. We had 25+ knots of true wind much of the way, and with the angle we were sailing we were often seeing 30+ knots of apparent wind, sometimes 40. Tahina’s sails were reefed way down – the main at double-reef, and the jib to less than half its normally copious size. The swell was 3-4 meters much of the way, but the real trouble was the constant churn of smaller waves between the swells.

Yet, Tahina marched on through the wind and waves. It was too uncomfortable to spend much time in front of the computer screen. In fact, for the first time ever on Tahina, many things were flying off their shelves and table-tops. The laptop came close to flying off the chart table several times. It was not even this bad when we beat our way 500 miles to Hao to watch the eclipse!

We had way more salty water crashing over the sides and top of Tahina than ever before. After nearly two days, there was salt building up everywhere. The chartplotter and instruments had a thick layer of salt that had to be rinsed off with fresh water so we could see the data.

Last night, the winds finally began turning to the south east. Our ride became much more comfortable. It still remains bumpy and there is still the occasional spray over the bows. But, we were finally able to let out a bit of sail and increase our speed. More importantly, we could finally relax a bit and even eat a meal.

We are now less than 100 miles from our destination. We had word on the radio from our friends on s/v Stray Kitty that they were about to arrive mid-morning. They left a day ahead of us. We will arrive sometime in the early morning hours and hope the anchorage will be easy to enter in the dark. The winds are expected to continue lightening along the way, so we expect the final miles will continue to become more confortable.

Sorry for no reports until now. We will send more word when we arrive.

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  1. nanag says:

    Thank God you are safe. Thanks for the update.

  2. Talal says:

    Gooooood luck

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