Fiji Tracks and More in Google Earth

Fiji Tracks in Google Earth
One of our main objectives on the Tahina Expedition is to thoroughly document where we are traveling with Google Earth and other geo-spatially aware tools. We are sharing photos, locations, and tracks with other travelers so they can learn more about them. It takes a lot of time for us to save the location information and properly locate the photos we take during our travels. Today we are releasing a file you can view in Google Earth which shows the majority of our GPS tracks of trips on Tahina, as well as trips ashore with the dinghy, kayaking trips, hikes, and even occasional bus and taxi trips. It also includes placemarks showing our anchorages, significant points of interest, and dive sites. And, it also includes placemarks for all our geo-tagged photos from the albums we’ve posted for our Fiji visit.

There is a lot of information being loaded into Google Earth when you load our Fiji Tracks file . But, Google Earth does a good job of hiding the clutter. As you zoom in to a place, the information becomes more detailed and easier to view. Click on photos or other placemarks to read the labels or see additional details (especially for the photos). Tilt your view in Google Earth to see the terrain around the various locations we visited.

This information is still not complete, but its in good enough form to share now. The information should improve over time as I continue to refine the data.

For examples of other Google Earth maps we’ve created for the trip, check these out:

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