Final Preparations for Departing and Plans for Vanuatu

During the last week or so, we have mostly been concentrating on tasks to get ready to depart Fiji.   We went to the main island of Viti Levu and spent a few days last week in Port Denarau.  While there, we got more provisions, did laundry, got fuel for Tahina, did some souvenir shopping, got some Vanuatu money from the airport, etc.

We then moved over to Musket Cove on Friday.  We spent the weekend hanging out a bit with a few other boating friends, did some snorkeling, and some swimming.  We also did some more laundry, and more cleaning inside and outside the boat.  We did some maintenance work on the watermaker, and will be checking over the engines before departure as well.

We have been researching the countries ahead of us (Vanuatu, New Caledonia, and Australia) and learning about customs and immigration information so we know what to expect and have ready when we arrive.

Time has also been spent monitoring the weather forecast looking for a weather window to head for Vanuatu.  It’s about 450 nautical miles to the southmost island of Vanuatu called Anatom (or Aneityum).   We expect to take about 2.5 days to get there.  We are looking to make the trip over the weekend.

Today we will move over to a place near Lautoka – the main port of Viti Levu.  There we will get one last set of provisions – fresh fruits and veggies for our passage.  Then we will check weather one last time before making arrangements to clear out of Fiji and depart for Vanuatu.

After our arrival at Anotom, we will move north to island of Tanna at Port Resolution.  There we expect to organize a tour of the live volcano of Mount Yasur.  It is supposedly the closest you can get safely to a live volcano.  And, we’ll do a night visit as well.  It should be an amazing experience and I plan to take lots of photos/video.

We won’t have Internet access again until Port Villa.  Which may be 10 days or more after we depart Fiji.  So, blog reports and position updates then will only be done via our long range radio – and no pictures.

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