First Photos of Vanuatu

Anchorage at Aneityum

Anchorage at Aneityum

We are now in Port Villa, Vanuatu with Internet access. I’ve been spending the last couple of days putting up some photos of our time so far in Vanuatu. If you go back a few posts, you’ll find some photos added in some of the earlier posts. All of those photos, and many more, are now included in the photo album below. The photo at right is of the anchorage at our first stop: Aneityum.

The album here includes a few photos from our rough passage to Vanuatu, and it includes many photos of the island we arrived at: Aneityum (or “Anatom” in french). While there, we visited the island outside the bay called Mystery Island which is where the airport is located, and plays hosts to hundreds of cruiseship passengers each week. The album also includes photos of the arrival of a cruiseship, Pacific Jewel, as we were departing Aneityum for our next island.

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