Kite Photos at Mystery Island

While we were in Aneityum last week, we had one day where the conditions were right to fly the kite. There is this beautiful little island just off the anchorage called “Mystery Island”. The island is mostly used as a drop-off point for the passengers of a cruiseship which comes from Australia weekly, and also has an airport. It has beautiful white sand beaches, is surrounded by turquoise waters and coral reefs, and beautiful views of Aneityum and its tropical forest-covered mountains. Small islands are perfect for us to do kite aerial photos which I can send to our partner Google to put into Google Earth (like we’ve done before).

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We weren’t able to get to the island until mid-afternoon because of a delay with our customs entry. I was worried because of the angle of the sun and the lighting for the photos. It was too late to get enough photos of a large area of the island for Google Earth. I first took a few shots around the area like these showing the island Aneityum, a view of Mystery Island, and a view of the eastern end of the island looking down.

But, I promised the kids of Stray Kitty a chance to be in a photo which could be put in Google Earth. I had them draw the name of their boat “Stray Kitty” on the sand of the beach, and had their entire family of five lie on the sand beneath the name. I think this is a really cool shot, and I think the family will be able to remember this as a special moment of their trip. Click on the thumbnails above for bigger pictures.

I want to thank the family of Stray Kitty, and my wife, for helping with the kites and camera equipment. And for laying patiently in the sand for several minutes while I took a series of photos!

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  1. Glenn Howland says:

    Keep up the good work. The saddest thing for me is that I have caught up to real time, so your wonderful adventures seem so brief. I’m not complaining; wonderful and brief beats a lot of things.

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