Leaving Vanuatu

We decided yesterday that instead of going north with our friends on s/v Stray Kitty that we would head back to Port Vila and make arrangements to leave the country and head to New Caledonia. Our batteries are definitely having issues, and the furling unit will need to be replaced. The company that makes our furling unit is french, so it will be convenient for them to ship the new unit to New Caledonia. There are also plenty of marina facilities available so we can get a slip with power while we get our batteries replaced.

So, our travels in Vanuatu have been shortened a bit. We are really disappointed to not get to see more of the country. But, our boat is our home and our main means of transportation – it takes priority. We hope we can get a slip soon after we arrive in New Caledonia, but there is no guarantee on such short notice. We have sent E-mails to the two main marinas. I am also in the process of working on getting the equipment replaced.

We are able to sail still using our storm jib and by only using a small portion of our regular jib. The furling unit still turns, it just lifts out of its normal position and we have to hand feed the furling line. We will be leaving on the same day as two other boats we know: s/v Kilkea II and s/v Callisto.

Today we will be going to Vanuatu customs to clear out, and make arrangements to get duty-free fuel. We also may do some last minute souvenir shopping and have a restaurant meal or two.

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