Volcanic Eruption Photos from Mount Yasur

Mount Yasur Volcano Erupting

Mount Yasur Volcano Erupting

Those of you following our blog know we had a fantastic experience last week at Mount Yasur. Mount Yasur is an active volcano on the island of Tanna in Vanuatu. This is the closest you can “safely” get to an actively erupting volcano in the world. We say safely, but I guarantee that most developed nations would not allow you to get this close to the volcano. We were literally on the edge of the caldera crater. Molten lava and rock was being thrown above our heads! At one point, a 50+ kg molten rock landed <50 meters in front of us (we were all watching it carefully)! You can read the full experience in this blog post.

Close view of volcano

Close view of volcano

We have had limited Internet access in Vanuatu. I have just now had a chance to upload some of our photos and process video from the experience. Unfortunately, the Internet is NOT fast enough to upload the video. It’s too bad, because the addition of sound and motion really gives you a much better idea of the experience. For now you’ll have to be satisfied with the photos. I have managed to grab some pictures from our video camera to add to the photo collection. Unfortunately, my main dSLR camera, nicely mounted on a tripod, had a technical problem, and I only managed to grab a few good fish-eye views of the volcano before it got dark. The resulting ultra-wide-angle panorama photos (after processsing) are included.

The album starts with our 4WD truck ride up the Tanna roads to the volcano. You’ll see some shots of our friends from s/v Stray Kitty on the truck and at the volcano. Then you’ll see pictures as we approach the volcano and walk up the peak to the crater edge. I especially like the photo Karen took of me taking pictures with the camera on the tripod right at the edge of th volcano. This really shows how close we were to this volcano!

So, please check out the photo album below. I recommend clicking on the “Full-sized” version.

View full-sized with descriptions

The very wide-angle views in the album were specially processed fish-eye views showing the entire top of the crater in one photo. The way the wide-angle photos look also give the impression that the crater isn’t very deep, or very wide. But, they do give you a much bigger view on what is going on in the entire scene. So, I’ve included them.

The final climatic series of eruptions was like the grand finale at a fireworks display. That’s when that big rock fell in front of us. It also scared everyone off the top of the mountain! A big part of that series was caught on our HD video camera, and we hope to share that when we get a chance to upload it.

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5 Responses to Volcanic Eruption Photos from Mount Yasur

  1. Craig says:

    Hey Frank, My wife and I were there a month ago and were blown away by that volcano. I managed to get some hi-res video of Mt Yasur uploaded to YouTube and maybe your readers would be interested.


    • Frank Taylor says:

      Craig, you have an excellent video there! I think you must have been further around to the NW of the crater than we were. I especially like the way the ash cloud comes in front of the flames in your first big explosion! I’ll make sure to share your video clip next week when I send out some more “tweets” about it. Thanks!

      • Craig says:

        There was a fella with us who has been to 2 other volcanos. One of them was in Hawaii, I don’t recall the other. He said that this was by far the best. Looking back now it’s quite amazing people are allowed that close when you see how ferocious it can be. BOOM!

  2. nanag says:

    These pictures are amazing! Glad you are still with us to take more pictures! lol

  3. Pete D. says:

    Very amazing! Best wishes on your continued voyage. Looking fwd to see the videos of the volcano.

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