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s/v O'vive in New Caledonia

s/v O'vive in New Caledonia

An amazing thing happened yesterday. I was chatting with friends on the dock here at the Port Moselle Marina, when I suddenly saw the St. Francis logo on the sail cover of a catamaran arriving down our dock. I immediately moved so I could see and saw the name on the bow: O’vive. I immediately knew that it was a St. Francis 50, and that an old friend Dave was on board. Karen shouted at the same time I did as she saw him from the galley window where she was preparing some lunch.

We first met Dave on our old boat PatiCat in 2003 in the Bahamas. He was traveling with his family then on s/v Melusine (read about that encounter here). Since then, he traded in that boat for a new St. Francis 50 they called O’vive. They traveled half-way around the world to New Zealand in that boat before having to return to the US so their oldest daughter could go to high school. Earlier this year, they sold O’vive to an Australian. Dave offered to deliver the boat from Florida to Australia. He left last April, and we discussed trying to meet up somewhere here in the South Pacific. Well, it finally happened yesterday!

We spent the afternoon yesterday catching up on some of their adventures during the delivery, and meeting the new owner John who has been traveling with the boat for the past two weeks to get some ocean crossing experience. In the last two weeks, they’ve managed to come all the way from the Cook Islands to New Caledonia, via Niue and Tonga. You can read more about O’vive’s experiences (and the delivery trip) on their blog.

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