Back at Ilot Mato

We had a nice sail, on a beautiful sunny day with light southwest winds, to Ilot Mato and arrived early afternoon. Met up with s/v Moira and they took us on a snorkel. Since they’ve sailed these waters for many years, they know the best spots. The water is much cooler here than in Fiji, so wearing wet suits is a must. I was pleasantly surprised to see the coral is very much alive and colorful here, and there were a lot of fish here. Got a few pictures of a lone shark that Richard said is often here. He was very shy of people though. Richard had his fish-eye underwater camera gear together and took some pictures.

Later, while Karen rested, I went on a hike to the top of Mato. Mato is one of the few islands with some height out in the lagoon. The views of the lagoon waters from here were spectacular! It was nice seeing Tahina in the anchorage from up there. I took lots of photos which I’ll share when we next get an Internet connection (this post was made by radio mail which doesn’t allow image uploads).

In the evening, we had the crews of Moira and s/v El Regalo over to Tahina for sun-downers and snacks and watched the sunset.

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