Briefly Back to Nouméa

Back to Nouméa

Back to Nouméa

We left Ile Ua the other day and returned on a beautiful sunny day back to Nouméa. We wanted to return to get a part we had ordered to allow us to keep our watermaker connected to the new higher-voltage batteries. Our Spectra watermaker was not designed to handle higher than 14.8 volts (a pretty low number considering most 12V devices can handle up to 16 at least). We needed to have a diode with heat dissipation due to the high amps that would be put through it.

We also needed to get some provisions and run some other errands while we were in town. We got a chance to see some other cruisers while in port. s/v Callisto was there and we managed to see Ann before she left for a trip back to the US. We also went out to dinner with our friends on s/v Leu Cat at our favorite French restaurant – Marmite. We saw our friends on s/v Worrall Wind finishing their work. And, s/v El Regalo just arrived from Vanuatu.

There are some new photos I put up from our visit to Vanuatu – showing photos while we were in Port Vila. Check the Photos gallery for it, or read this post.

We’re planning to leave today to sail back out into the huge lagoon of New Caledonia and explore more of the many beautiful anchorages in and around New Caledonia. Today we expect to join up with our friends on s/v Moira who have been sailing these waters for more than 25 years.

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