Iles des Pins

Over the weekend we sailed east (with the help of some southerly winds) to the easternmost island group of New Caledonia – the Iles des Pins (island of pines). In the 1800s these islands were home to a penal colony set up by the French and was later home to released prisoners for quite a while.

Baie de Kuto

Baie de Kuto

Now Iles des Pins is a great tourist destination with beautiful beaches, several hotels and resorts, coral reefs, many islands, marine life, hilly terrain, and lots of pine trees. Since we’ve been here, we’ve seen whales, dugong, sea turtles, and porpoise near the main Baie de Kuto where we are anchored.

Check out a few photos of the Baie de Kuto area taken with my phone while we walked ashore yesterday. I’ll have a lot more photos to share soon because today we plan to do a walk up the nearby hill called Pik N’ga (N’ga peak).

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Check out the map for a straight down look at Baie de Kuto and surrounding areas:

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