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Tahina at Port Moselle, New Caledonia

Tahina at Port Moselle, New Caledonia

It’s always an adjustment when you shift from cruising mode. We spent the past few months living on Tahina, only spending a few days at most in a single anchorage, visiting exciting new places and finding wonderful spots to swim or otherwise explore, taking photos of exotic new locations every day, seeing amazing sights like the volcano, meeting new people, etc., etc. Now suddenly, we’re stuck in one place in a marina for the past two weeks. I’m feeling confined.

Not all is lost, we have done some sightseeing. We’ve been to a few museums, an aquarium, been shopping at some big stores, gone to a McDonald’s (with FREE WIFI!), and had some great dining at french restaurants.

The main reason we’re stuck at the marina is that our batteries have chosen to start failing. Early this week, we got the batteries ordered. Unfortunately, it turned out to be more paperwork (and money) than the shipper realized to get the batteries here. So, they won’t arrive here until next week. Then we have to wait for customs to process the package which may take a couple of days. Then we have to install them and make sure everything works before we can check out. So, probably not before the end of next week.

In the marina, we have to walk down the dock to the nearby facilities to go to the bathroom. The holding tanks on Tahina aren’t huge. They have showers there, but since we have water at the dock we usually just use Tahina for bathing. We do have the convenience of shore power, which means we don’t have to be so conservative with electrics. That’s a nice shift from our usual routine of power conservatism. Same thing with water – we can actually wash our dishes with lots of water!

Near the marina is a tourism dock with several big boats that take tourists out for snorkeling trips, whale watching, and fishing. That can be a bit disturbing starting at dawn every day. And, there is a bar nearby that on weekends has loud live music – fortunately, they seem to stop before midnight though!

Meanwhile, we have had the joy of working on our taxes. Yes, we filed for extensions and are just now getting around to them. I guess if you’re going to be stuck in a marina, on a rainy day, it’s a good time to do taxes. Oh joy!

We have a few other boat projects to work on as well (there are always boat projects, like there are always house projects when you own a home, only more so). And, more sightseeing we can do onshore. So, we aren’t getting bored yet. But, we are really starting to feel a need to get the boat back out and do some cruising.

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