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Port Moselle Marina from mast

Port Moselle Marina from mast

We have been tied to the dock at the Port Moselle Marina in Nouméa, New Caledonia for over 2 weeks. Our batteries needed replacing, so we wanted the shore power. That time is finally coming to an end now that we have our new batteries in place. I’ve uploaded some more photos of the area which give you a good taste of this beautiful area. Earlier this week, we rented a car to pick up the batteries at the airport. We then used the car to do some sightseeing around the coastline of area surrounding Nouméa. The coastline is beautiful and is surrounded by the large lagoon which is filled with beautiful tropical islands and coral reefs. We can’t wait to go out there with Tahina and do some cruising!

In this batch of photos, you will see photos of the main town of Nouméa and its central park. When we first visited they were having a celebration in the park as part of the Pacific Games which were being held here. There are also some photos of the New Caledonia Cultural Museum – a 50 million Euro park and museum which has some art and samples of the Kanak culture here. The museum was designed as part of an international competition which was won by an Italian architect. Very unique looking building on a beautifully manicured piece of land with great views.

Next you will see photos I took while up on Tahina’s mast showing the marina area. Beautiful location to be “stuck” for two weeks huh? The photos next show some of the work we did changing out the furling unit and repairing our jib sail.

Then there are some photos of the Anse Vata area – south of Nouméa. The views from the lookout mountain, where the gun of Ouen Toro is located, were amazing! You can see a couple of photos of Le 360 – the restaurant where Karen and I had our anniversary dinner.

And finally, a few shots showing us changing out the batteries in Tahina are included. It took a couple of days for us to get the battery installed (mostly because we needed to get some cables and parts to complete). I managed to strain my back in the process of lifting and maneuvering the batteries. Hopefully I’ll recover from that soon. The new batteries are working great though!

So, here is the photo album. Enjoy!

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