N’Ga Peak 360 Panorama

Yesterday we posted the story of our hike up to N’Ga Peak (or Pic N’Ga in french) here on the Iles des Pins in New Caledonia. While we were up there, I took a 360 panorama at the top. Today I processed the photo and uploaded it to 360Cities – my favorite repository of 360 panorama photographs (which is also included in the “Photos” layer in Google Earth). These 360 photos allow you to look in all directions (left, right, up and down). Just click on the “play” button and use your mouse or arrow-keys to move around the view. Click on “Fullscreen” to get a much bigger view, and then click on “Open Map” for a cool radar-like orientation map.

N’Ga Peak in New Caledonia

If you are interested in learning about how I take and process these photos, read the bottom of this post. We have taken dozens of 360 panoramas during our trip. Some in nearly every country. You can see all our 360 panoramas here, or you can load this file in Google Earth to see them.

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