Enroute to Australia

Jason arrived yesterday evening, and we went out to dinner in Noumea along with the crew of s/v Kilkea. It was my birthday, so afterwards we went to an ice cream place! We finally got out to Tahina late in the evening (after 10 PM), and got Jason settled in his usual stateroom.

Today we finished prepping the boat and went ashore. Karen went to the market for fresh fruits and veggies. Jason and I were recruited by the crew of s/v Moira to help them get their new batteries out to their boat. In the process, they took us with their car to customs and waited while we got our clearance out of New Caledonia.

After we got the batteries moved (I was careful not to lift much), we moved Tahina to the nearby fuel dock for some duty-free fuel. We managed to leave the port before noon and headed out with very light winds through the lagoon and out the pass. It was perfectly clear and beautiful all day, and the seas were basically smooth. We motor sailed, and just motored, most of the day. Just before dark, the winds picked up and we are sailing along nicely at about 7 knots average at the moment.

It will take a few days to go the 800 miles to our destination. More to come!

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  1. David T says:

    Happy birthday Frank! Hope you have a good passage. Great seeing you two in Rome!

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