Hiking in New Caledonia

New Caledonia prides itself on some nice trails up through the mountains. They have a trail from the old mining area where we anchored near Prony Bay, all the way over to Nouméa (more than 50kms worth of trails away). It’s called the “Grand Trail”, and we walked on sections of it when we were at the anchorage. A few days ago, the crew of Moira invited us to join them with some friends of theirs on a longer hike. Karen wasn’t feeling up to going, so it was just me joining them.

We had to drive many kilometers to get to the eastern part of New Caledonia. Along the way, we drove up the pass where the huge array of wind generators are located (which we had seen when sailing in Prony Bay). We stopped and I took some pictures including this panorama which shows the generators to the east (left), and Nouméa in the distance to the southwest (right):

Wind generators and Nouméa

Wind generators and Nouméa

We then drove to the far end of our hike and dropped off two cars. Then all 7 of us took the other two cars to the start of the trail which was in a campground near Lake Yates. The hike started out climbing one pass between mountains, then down through lower lands and over a couple of creeks/rivers, then back up another pass, back down to the lower lands where a forest restoration project is being done, and finally back to the cars.

We stopped at the first pass and took some photos. Rick did a 360 panorama there (here’s the link). Then once we went back down to the tree level we stopped for lunch. We found some carnivorous plants, orchids, trees, and a huge spider along the way. Check out the photos here:

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2 Responses to Hiking in New Caledonia

  1. nanag says:

    The beauty of this place is spectacular! Is that the only electricity that they have on the island? Does it work well? I think we all should have our own personal windmill!!! I know you really enjoyed that hike. Hope Karen is feeling better.

  2. Frank Taylor says:

    No, the electricity is supplemental to their main power which is a hydro-electric plant. They also have a coal power plant that serves the huge mining operation.

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