New Bora Bora 360 Panorama

One of the things I do with my spare time is spend a lot of time processing our photos. We have many thousands of photographs from our first two years on this trip. As I learn new techniques for processing things, I apply the techniques sometimes on older photos. Some recent updates to my photo stitching software for 360 panoramas (PTGui Pro), encouraged me to go back and work on some older 360s that never got processed.

Here’s a 360 panorama from Bora Bora which was never published before now. It was the first one we took, from the northwest corner of the main island, as we went around the island on some electric bikes (seen in the photo).

Boraborafirstpano 1 in Bora Bora

You should also check out my favorite Bora Bora 360 from the north side of the island. It has a really beautiful shot of the island and lagoon. And, the post includes details on how I process these 360 panoramas.

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