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We left Prony Bay yesterday and traveled back to the main city of Nouméa. It was time to get connected back to the real world and refresh provisions. We have calls to make, mail to pick up, and blogs to work on. After arriving back in the main anchorage, we immediately hooked up and started catching up on E-mails and reading the news. Of course, the tech news was filled with stories about the loss of Apple’s greatest CEO – Steve Jobs. A titanic force in the tech industry.

While we were out, I had the time to process the rest of the photos of our week at Iles des Pins. The following album shows a lot more of the sights we saw while we walked around the island. I particularly like the HDR shots I did under the tree canopy on the road and beach, and the one inside the church. Check them out here:

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Later I’ll be processing the photos for Prony Bay and uploading them for an upcoming post. In about a week, we will be leaving on a plane for a trip to Rome. Google has invited me, and a number of other Google Earth contributors, to attend a special meeting. Karen is coming along for the ride and to attend some tours Google has set up. It will be a crazy amount of travel for us, but we didn’t want to miss the chance.

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