Preparing for Australia

Passage Map

Passage Map

After spending a day recovering from jet lag from our trip to Rome, we spent a day at the marina where we kept Tahina doing some basic chores. Mostly the chores involved taking advantage of the marina facilities: shore power, and ample water. Karen completed 3 loads of laundry, and I washed the outside of the boat.

Meanwhile, we began preparations for our 800 mile passage from New Caledonia to Bundaberg, Australia. We have been looking at the weather for many days. Good trade winds from the east have been blowing for a week now, and many boats departed for Australia while we were gone. A slight slowdown in the winds are forecasted for the middle of this week, so we are planning to wait for better winds on the weekend.

Our former crew member Jason wrote us last week asking if he could join us. He is looking to get his captain’s license and needs to record some more blue water miles. We are glad to have him join us, so he has made arrangements to fly here from New Zealand later this week. We have to make arrangements with immigration so he can have a letter allowing him to get a one-way ticket into New Caledonia.

One of the requirements for entering Australia is to have minimum food on board as they will otherwise confiscate unapproved food. That’s another thing Jason can help us with – food consumption. Karen will need to buy some fresh veggies and fruit for the passage, but otherwise make a menu using existing food stores.

We moved Tahina to the anchorage yesterday and began preparing the boat for the passage. Mostly that means cleaning up a bit; checking the boat systems – engines, rigging; getting fuel; etc. We also met up with some of our boating friends still here who are preparing for their passages. s/v Kilkea will be returning to New Zealand. s/v El Regalo and s/v Boree will also be leaving for Australia. And, we visited with our friends on s/v Moira who are staying here since they are residents.

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