Sailing to Australia

The first part of our trip from New Caledonia included very pleasant weather – except for the lack of wind during the day. Blue skies, the beautiful waters of the second-largest barrier reef lagoon in the world, lots of birds and marine life. We were all enjoying the nice ride even if we had to run a motor to make way.

Fortunately, by late afternoon, the winds started picking up. We had good sailing conditions all night long and made about 7 knots in slightly swelly seas. The next morning had some light winds briefly, and we motor sailed for about an hour. But, the winds picked up again and continued to rise all day. We ended up making about 175 miles in our first 24 hours. We mostly stayed inside reading and chatting. It was too breezy and cool outside. We were spoiled by yesterday’s warm temperatures.

By the afternoon we were sailing at 10 knots on a reach! This meant we had some choppy seas on our beam, but it wasn’t too bad at all. We kept up these speed well into the night. And easily made more than 100 miles in the previous 12 hours. But, before midnight the winds gradually eased some. So the rest of the night it got more pleasant. We had to motor sail briefly before dawn again. This only lasted for an hour again.

We are now sailing along at about 7 knots with lighter winds forecasted during the day. All is well on board!

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  1. nanag says:

    Sounds like your sale to Australia is going well. Hope your birthday was a good one, I am so sorry that my birthday greetings did not show up that day, I sent them around 6 Am our time. Love to both of you. So glad that Ren got accepted at the Culinary inst.

  2. nanag says:

    I can’t believe I put your “sale” instead of your sail in my comment.

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