Windy Night

Tahina has been performing very well as usual. We did another 186 miles on the third day. Unfortunately, the third night was very light winds and we were using the iron jib (engine) for much of the night. We kept our RPMs at faster than cruising speed because we want to insure our daytime arrival at our destination.

The weather gods have played with us as usual. Instead of light to no winds on our approach to Australia, we instead had a developing high pressure with 25-30 knots of wind. Fortunately, we got updated weather forecasts early enough and headed south of our course. Since the big winds were coming from the southeast, this put us in a position to get the wind aft of our beam. This meant the force of the winds were behind us, and our apparent wind was lighter. So, although it was a bit of a wild ride, it was much more comfortable than it would have been.

We have passed the peak winds now in the pre-dawn hours. The winds are down to 20-25. All is well on board, and we look forward to our arrival!

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