Fraser Island – 4WD Fun!

Our 4WD Ride

Our 4WD Ride

We had a great time visiting Fraser Island – A World Heritage Site and also home to the Great Sandy National Park. This is a large island on the east central coast of Australia that is made mostly of sand. A rain forest has managed to grow in the mostly sandy soil, and it has a height in places over 200 meters. Due to the soft sandy, the only way to get around on the island is by 4WD vehicles.

We made arrangements to rent a 4WD from a local car agency at the Kingfisher Resort (which is near where we anchored). The cost was an astonishing $275 per day! We got a free upgrade to a bigger vehicle because of availability. Which I’m glad we had, because otherwise we would probably have gotten stuck more than once. Actually, I was pretty amazed we only were stuck once – and only for a short while once we cleared enough sand out from under the carriage, and someone helped pull us out.

We first had to cross from the west side of the island to the east so we could ride the east coast ocean beach. There was a section of the forest that had burned recently, but we finally got to see the rain forests. I spotted a 1m monitor lizard at one point (no picture). Once to the beach, we started riding fast (up to 80 kph) up the beach, while the tide was still low, so we could see some sight sup north.

We saw a plane make a turn towards us as we were heading north, he went to land directly ahead of us on the beach. Something we had been told might happen. We finally arrived to the ship wreck of “Maheno” which has been here since 1935. It’s just a rusted hulk now. We took lots of photos and I did a 360 panorama here.

Next we drove a bit further north to see the colorful sandstone pinnacles. Then we drove back south past the shipwreck back to Eli Creek. This stop includes a chance to wade or swim through a very shallow, very clear water stream. There were a few eels in the water – Karen spotted one. We had a nice wade down the lake.

On the way back south, we spotted a dingo checking out the beach. This is one of the last places where the wild dingos are still pure in Australia. Got some pictures of him too.

Finally, we headed back inland (which is when we got stuck the one time) and next visited Lake Wabby lookout (we didn’t have time to get down to the lake). This lake is being slowly overtaken by a sand blow (about 1 foot per year). Our final stop was Lake Mckenzie. This lake is ultra clear water thanks to the filtering through the fine white sand. The beaches are super white and it’s a delightful place to hang out. Hence it’s popularity.

I’ve put together a photo album of some of the sights during our stay at Fraser Island. Check them out here:

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