Moving On South

After our electronics tragedy of the other day, we immediately took Tahina to a nearby town called Maryborough – located about 20 miles up the Mary River. At one point, back in the late 1800s – Maryborough was the other main entry point (besides Sydney) into Australia.

Our primary reason for going there was to get a replacement 3G device so we could get Internet on our boat again. We got the replacement first thing the next morning. The town is a nice town with a historic feel – obviously catering to the tourism they are encouraging to the town. They have built a nice water-front area, and have lots of shops on the streets of the main town. We also did some shopping in the nearby mall which had a grocery store as well.

The next day, we left early and motored back out the river. Then sailed our way further south off Fraser Island through part of the Sandy Straights. The sandy straights are a complex weave of water and sand between Fraser Island and the mainland. Our job was to find the proper path through the straights without hitting any sand bars – we were successful! After spending another night off Fraser Island we left early on Thursday morning to head out over the sand banks out to sea. We then turned south and sailed (well, motor-sailed as the winds were light) another 50 or so miles down to Mooloolaba. We arrived at about 4 PM and that’s where we are anchored now.

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