Preparing to Head South

Karen stayed on the boat while I made the two day trip to Sydney for Google Developer Day. I had a good time at my first technical conference in over two years. It was fun seeing some of the latest Google technology, and I managed to meet up with several Google friends who were here for the meetings. Mostly folks in the Google Earth and Maps teams of course. Got to see the Google Sydney office as well, which has a nice view of the harbor near the Mariner’s Museum.

We are looking now to begin our trip south. We plan to move Tahina down to Sydney by mid-December so we can be there during the holidays and the start of the famous Sydney-Hobart race. Our daughters will be joining us for Christmas in Sydney.

We will be stopping at Fraser Island as we head south, and our first big stop will be Brisbane. Several boating friends of ours will be down there, so we hope to meet up with them. If the weather looks good, we’ll leave the marina as early as tomorrow.

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