Two Years at Sea

Two years ago we departed North Carolina for the Caribbean to begin our five year circumnavigation of our beautiful planet. We left behind our children, our friends, and our families. We sold our house and cars. We gave away or sold most of our household belongings. And, we left behind a country where we had been born and bred. We began an adventure of a lifetime.

Although we physically parted way, our hearts and minds have ever remained connected to all our friends and families. We also have had the Internet to help us remain in contact. This blog has also served as a way for our friends and family to know where and how we are doing.

We have sailed over 19,000 nautical miles since we left. We have about 20,000 nautical miles left to go. We are nearly half way in both distance and time.

We do miss seeing our friends and family. But, we do occasionally make trips home to see them. Our children will be coming to visit us this Christmas. And occasionally, although not nearly enough, some of our friends take us up on our always open offer to visit us on Tahina and get a chance to share in our wonderful experiences.

Although we miss those we left at home, our lives have been filled with new friends and experiences that have enriched us in ways hard to describe. At each port we visit, we regularly run into other boats we have met as we crossed the seas. Our friendships with these people have been growing constantly. We have sailing friends from Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Switzerland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Fiji, Italy, France, UK, French Polynesia, USA, and more.

We miss home more in some ways every day. But, we have grown to love our planet and the people on it more with each passing day, and each passing mile, as well. We have many more miles ahead of us. More adventures to experience, and more friendships to form. Away we go!

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3 Responses to Two Years at Sea

  1. Jim Scotti says:

    Hard to believe it’s been 2 years already. Also, hard to believe it’s been only 2 years. I’m so glad the internet has allowed us all to follow along. Imagine what Cook or Magellan or the many other explorers of long ago would have thought of being able to stay in touch during their journies!

    Great to hear your voice yesterday!


  2. nanag says:

    It seems like it has been so long….we dearly miss both of you. It was so wonderful to get to see you last Christmas (you and the twins and your droid phones) We will miss you even more this Christmas. On the other hand, it is such a wonderful experience for you both. Carl and I would love to come see you sometime, Australia or New Zealand, Greece, Hong Kong, or Egypt are among my top choices. I can cross off New Zealand and Australia, but other places are coming up…I guess Greece also…because of Somolia.
    I am so glad the girls are coming to see you at Christmas and they are excited too. Take care and always be are too far away!!!

  3. Patti says:

    Yes, it is hard to believe it is 2 years, and yes, we miss you both, but we enjoy the thrilling, educational and inspiring posts and photos you share with us landlubbers. If life permits, we would love to share another week with you someday…and we cherish the time and experience we had with you. This Thanksgiving we will remember you in our table prayers and continue to wish you fair weather and smooth sailing with Tahina.

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